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If you suffer from periodontal disease, your gums may be rapidly shrinking. Gum tissue grafts can help you stop that process, and can also prepare your mouth for dental implants. Harrison Parks, DDS, MS, the expert periodontist at Waco Periodontics & Dental Implants in Waco, Texas, uses AlloDerm™ regenerative tissue matrix to cover roots, add to the soft tissue ridge, and augment your gums in preparation for dental implants. Use the online scheduler or call the office to book an appointment now.

Gum Tissue Grafts

What are gum tissue grafts?

A gum tissue graft is a procedure in which Dr. Parks uses donor tissue to cover exposed tooth roots and to make your gums stronger. Exposed tooth roots are one of the most common results of advanced stage gum disease, or periodontitis.

What kind of gum graft is best?

At Waco Periodontics & Dental Implants, Dr. Parks performs AlloDerm grafts, medically known as acellular dermal matrix allograft. In this procedure, Dr. Parks uses medically treated gum tissue from human donors as the tissue source.

The number-one advantage of AlloDerm is that you have less pain and a smoother recovery since there's no need to take tissue from the roof of your own mouth to use in the graft.

What are the advantages of gum tissue grafts?

Gum tissue grafts offer a number of benefits to patients who have lost tissue because of periodontitis or other causes, including:

  • Enhanced aesthetic appearance: can minimize a "toothy" looking smile
  • Less sensitivity and pain: with the tooth root covered, there’s less discomfort when drinking or eating hot or cold beverages
  • Prevention of further gum loss: gum grafts can halt the gum tissue loss, and even the bone loss, from periodontitis

One of the other big reasons that many patients get gum grafts is to prepare for dental implants. To enjoy stable dental implants you need secure and strong jawbone and gum tissue, and this helps you achieve it.

How does gum tissue grafting work?

Dr. Parks typically starts with a complete cleaning, which involves scaling and root planing to remove all the harmful bacteria from above and below your gums.

Dr. Parks administers local anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure. He creates small incisions in your gum tissue, which makes small pockets that hold the tissue graft securely. Dr. Parks then places any necessary sutures to keep your new gum tissue stable.

With proper care of your graft site as recommended by Dr. Parks, you can expect full healing and functionality within around six weeks.

To learn more about gum tissue grafts and how this procedure can help you, click the online scheduler or call Waco Periodontics & Dental Implants today.